What are the benefits of a dishwasher?

We all know how a dishwasher works – dishes go in dirty, and then come out clean. But what you might not realise is the plethora of benefits that come from using your dishwasher machine. From saving yourself time on extra household chores to eradicating unnecessary clutter in the sink, there’s no surprise a dishwasher is a kitchen staple. But using a dishwasher not only takes away the hassle of hand washing – it also saves on energy costs, water consumption and has less impact on the environment.

But how to use a dishwasher so you guarantee an effective clean every time? First, follow our dishwasher tips on stacking your cookware and utensils correctly. Second, select the right setting for your purpose. Finally, make sure you use a quality detergent like Finish for the best results!

For the best dishwasher clean, it always helps to learn more about your machine. Take a look our section on settings, cycles and how to maintain your dishwasher for the ultimate clean. Alternatively, discover more about the benefits of a dishwasher by reading our articles below.

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