Dishwasher Hacks

Dishwashers do a lot more than just wash your dishes. Despite the name, your dishwasher can be used for many fun and quirky tasks like cooking, cleaning your boots or even washing potatoes! Your dishwasher has several functions that you can try. If you decide to get inventive with your dishwasher, make sure you use Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner regularly to keep your dishwasher clean and performing at its best for its “day” job.

Clean… Just about anything

Just because they’re called dishwashers doesn’t mean you only have to wash your dishes in them. Think pets toys, kids toys, tools (hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches are all dishwasher friendly), or even dust pans, your dishwasher is a multi-use tool that can clean just about anything. You may want to avoid mixing different items with your normal load, but try it with some extra items some time to see the cleaning difference.

Wash your Clothing

It may seem a bit strange to place baseball caps in your dishwasher, but it is perhaps the best way to clean off any sweat bands and marks that appear over the years. Baseball caps have a perfect shape for putting in the dishwasher, and you can really rinse out all the dirt inside the cap. You can also clean footwear: provided you’ve removed any lining, rain boots will easily be washed in a dishwasher, and flip flops can be too (we recommend placing them upside down on the top rack, depending on what you need washed!)


For some, it may seem like a myth that you can cook anything in your washing machine. However, it’s true! You can, in fact, cook salmon fillet quite easily in your dishwasher. The reason is down to steam – your dishwasher won’t likely exceed temperatures of 158F, so in fact it won’t overcook (although you will have to run it on your highest setting). Rather, it cooks slowly to a melting texture, not dry or toughened out. Our tip is to ensure the fillet is wrapped tightly in foil, and ensure that you don’t use detergent this time! For the method, check out the recipe here.


You can also clean your garden tools. Place trowels, garden forks and other tools in the dishwasher to get them back to their best, but avoid anything with a wooden handle as it may warp by the heat. You can even wash the fruits (or vegetables!) of your labours in the garden, to get rid of any soil. If you’ve found yourself with a mass of potatoes, then wash off the dirt with your dishwasher.