Every Cloudy Glass Has a Silver Lining

The only thing better than going to a dinner party is hosting one. The satisfaction that you get from bringing all your friends and/or family together to break bread is hard to beat. In the age of social media and instant messaging it’s reassuring to be able to sit down and actually talk to people over a great meal. Hosting can sometimes be quite hard work, and when you look back after it can feel like you weren’t even there. This is a pity, because there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy it as much as your guests, especially for something such as cloudy glasses, which may seem small, but can spoil the perfection that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

When planning a dinner party it helps to break down everything that you have to do into a list so you can check things off ahead of time to help lift some of the stress. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be running around on the day feeling like you’re spinning plates, but it does mean that you’ll definitely have enough of them to serve food on!

So, have you remembered...

□ Plates?
□ Cutlery?
□ Chairs?
□ Food?
□ Coffee?
□ Drinks?
□ Music?
□ Guests?
□ Decorations?
□ Place Settings?
□ Napkins?
□ Kids activities?
□ Glasses?

Glasses can be a particular pain, because when catering for a much larger group than usual you’ll probably have to venture to the depths of the cupboard to provide glasses for everyone, and you might find yourself pulling out glasses that have become cloudy.

Glasses can get cloudy gradually over time, but the process is sped up by using water softeners on too high of a setting, running overly long dishwasher program cycles, and setting the wash temperature too high on your dishwasher. Once glass cloudiness has set in, unfortunately it is generally irreversible, but there are things you can do to help escape the cycle of buying and throwing out glasses:

• Use Finish® detergent, to guarantee that they’re being cared for.

• Check that glasses are dishwasher-proof when buying.

• Make sure that any water softening units are on the correct setting.

• Use a glass washing cycle, if one is available. These are shorter and at a lower temperature.

• Let your glasses cool in the dishwasher before removing them. Open the door to allow steam to escape once the cycle has finished.

• Use Finish® Jet-Dry® to further protect against corrosion.

By keeping these few tips in mind, you should never have to feel held back by the problem of cloudy glasses again, and the image of the perfect place-setting will be complete. Take comfort in the knowledge that thanks to Finish®, your glasses will be looking perfect for longer.