Finish® Quantum Max: A Better Wash

Finish® has developed a new ultimate cleaning formula that uses multi-chamber technology to provide a superior clean. This impressive feat of engineering contains three vital components that  activate precisely when needed during each wash. These are: 
the unique Power Gel, the Powerball and the powder. This guide will explain exactly what each ingredient brings to your wash, and why it’s the best dishwasher detergent for your dishwasher.

To use the Finish® Quantum Max capsules, you simply insert one in your dishwasher’s detergent compartment. Each capsule contains exactly the right amount of each ingredient, eliminating the need to do the measuring yourself. It is recommended that you set the water temperature at 125° to 140° F (50-60°C).This will be the best temperature to get your plates, glasses and cutlery clean and shiny. We would recommend that you avoid the short wash cycles, as this will not give the detergent enough time to work its magic.

The Real Benefit of Finish® Quantum Max

What makes Finish® Quantum Max the best dishwasher detergent is that it’s designed to make the dishwashing process as easy as it can possibly be, without compromising on results. The unique structure of the tablet enables your dishwasher to work harder so you don’t have to; pre-soaking, washing and rinsing all-in-one. Finish® works to save you time, so you can put a load on, and take a load off.

Here's how effective Quantum Max can be, even on the worst stains:

Egg Stains

Dried egg stains can leave you as scrambled as they are. This is because they’re almost entirely protein, which is highly resistant to cleaning products. After scraping off the excess, use Finish® Quantum’s specialized bio-substances to attack and break down these proteins. Combined with the power of the quick dissolving gel, your dishes will be left without a trace, even in the hardest water conditions.

Baked on Foods

Lasagna, casseroles and baked pastas are always one of the hardest battles your dishwasher will have to face, as the sides of the dish heat up the food to a much higher degree than  in the middle, carbonising it into an extremely strong and stable state. Finish® Quantum’s Powerball penetrates and lifts off even overnight dried-on food, eliminating the need for a pre-soak.  

Tea stains

Tea cups are notoriously difficult to clean, but just as difficult to avoid staining. The brown water marks around the inside of the cup are caused by the tannins in the tea, a plant molecule that is also used as a dye in the making of leather (hence tanning). Finish Quantum’s powder works to break down these dyes, but also contains a bleach to ensure that your cups are left sparkling clean and looking great.