Finish® Shine and Protect

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Introducing the newest product range from Finish: Shine and Protect! Using a unique formula, we’ve developed an exciting new line of detergents and rinse aid that not only gives your glassware the perfect clean, but protects your glasses from clouding over time.

The Problem

Glasses are some of the most frequently used items in the household, and as a result some of the most often washed in the dishwasher. Repeated washing and high temperatures can cause molecules from the glass to become displaced. The tiny holes and ridges that are left behind cause the light to react differently with the surface of the glass; rather than pass straight through the glass, light bounces off it at all angles, making it appear cloudy.

This was previously always something that was seen as inevitable – one of the few downsides to using a dishwasher as opposed to the far more laborious method of washing by hand – but Finish didn’t accept that as the case.

The Solution

Finish worked to develop the new patented Shine and Protect technology, which prevents cloudiness from forming. This protects your glasses by essentially forming a shield around them at the key points of the wash. This prevents those glass molecules from being dislodged and taken away, keeping your glasses shining for longer. The two most risky points of the wash for your glasses, in terms of cloudiness, are the wash and the rinse. Finish has created products that tailor their active agents to protect during these two crucial times.

Finish® Quantum MaxTM Shine and ProtectTM actually builds this protection into the detergent itself, to protect during the wash, countering the effects that can be caused by other detergents, whilst still containing the vital components that provide the superior clean you’ve come to expect from Finish Quantum.

Finish Shine and Protect shields your glasses against cloudiness over time, helping your glasses to shine for much longer. So make the switch, and make cloudy glasses a thing of the past with Finish Shine and Protect.