The Leftovers: Hardest to Wash Foods

For many washes, there are always a few plates, pots and pans that are harder to clean than others. Foods that are sticky, or that can be dried-on or baked-on, present the biggest problems, so it’s useful to know what food types to watch out for in case you leave them out too long without washing. To make sure these foods don’t meld permanently to your dishes, simply ensure that they get put in the dishwasher with the best dishwasher detergent straight away. There’s nothing to worry about with Finish®.

Fat/sugar coating

If you’ve just tucked into a meal that leaves a greasy or sugary residue behind, it may be much harder to clean. Dried sugars can be very stubborn, and would once have needed a long soak, but Finish’s Powerball soaks and softens food stains, meaning dishes can go straight in the dishwasher.

Dried on

Cereals and other dried food can become a problem for your plate once you’re finished, because what’s left (when dried) will cling to your plate. This will then become difficult to remove without a hot wash, or a long soak. If you don’t plan to run your dishwasher immediately, then give your plates a quick rinse after use if you can.  Wheat, barley and scrambled egg can dry on fast, but don’t worry if they do, because Finish® can tackle these and most other foods without a problem.

Baked on

It’s not just your plates that can be difficult to clean by hand, but baking pans, trays, and other oven-proof dishes can also hold on to the residue of cooked meat or vegetables (depending on preparation.) Tomatoes, for instance, have a habit of clinging on after a good long cook. Removing these kinds of stains would be a chore, if it wasn’t for the dishwasher.

Burned on

Food that’s burned on to a plate or pan can be ruinous, but you shouldn’t leave them totally without hope. First, soak the plate in very hot water, ensuring that the water is deep enough to completely cover all black marks. As with everything in the list, following up quickly with a full washing cycle using Finish®, should do the job. Milk and cheese are the main culprits here, so ensure you keep an eye out when preparing a dairy rich meal. Mug stains It’s not just foods that can be hard to clean, but tea (over time) can also be hard to take care of. This is due to the tannins in tea which is a principle dye also used in tanning leather (hence the name). Although there are methods to remove the stains, it is best to take care of them with dishwashing power. Even when these stains appear to have dried on to the mug, the active ingredients in Finish® will work to break these down, leaving them sparkling.