The Morning after the Night Before

We’ve all been there, waking up the day after hosting a party to be hit with the unwelcome fumes of half emptied glasses, unfinished plates of food, and perhaps least welcome of all: the prospect of washing up. Depending on the type of party, there will be different challenges to be encountered here, but with the right tools for the job, you’ll have the place ship-shape again in no time.

The Tea Party

Whether the result of a planned and civilized afternoon event, or the impromptu tea ceremony that occurs after the music stops and bed beckons – mugs and tea cups can often be the hardest to clean due to stubborn dried-on stains. Finish® works to break down the particles that cause these stains, lifting the stain away to leave your cups and mugs sparkling.

The Dinner Party

All it takes is for one anecdote to run on slightly longer than expected and you miss that golden window between the food being undercooked, and fused to the bake-ware. Baked-on food is almost unavoidable when catering for a crowd, but with the best dishwashing detergent brand, there is nothing to worry about. Finish® contains a special Powerball that acts as a pre-soak, meaning that you can just put them straight in the dishwasher. This works to break down the tough dried food, giving you great results.

The Cocktail Party

Cocktail glasses can often be a worry when it comes to the dishwasher, especially when the glassware is expensive. Finish® Quantum Max is our handy dishwasher detergent for glasses, so all you have to do is load the dishwasher and make sure that the glasses are spaced out in such a way that can’t knock together. Make sure to use Finish Quantum Max Shine & Protect, which cleans and protects your glasses from cloudiness, so they stay shiny for longer.*

Following this advice you can free yourself from having to worry about the cleaning up, leaving you with just your great memories of the night before, thanks to Finish®.

*Vs. previous Finish Quantum product. Finish Quantum does not protect from mechanical damage or restore already damaged items.