Troubleshooting Dishwashing Issues

Here are the top five problems people encounter when they empty their dishwasher. We tell you what causes them and how to sort them out.

Cloudy glasses – In hard water areas mineral deposits – mainly calcium and magnesium - can build up over time leaving a film on glassware. Hard water can also damage your dishwasher. So, to protect both your glassware and your appliance from lime scale, use Finish® Max in 1™ to increase the effectiveness of your machine’s in-built water softening system. Frequent dishwashing can also cause corrosion on glassware adding to the cloudiness issue.

Salt taste – If you notice cups taste salty you may have overfilled your machine’s salt dispenser. If you spill any Dishwasher Salt when you’re refilling make sure you flush it away. Check the lid of the dispenser is on tight and nothing is leaking during the wash. If the problem persists you may need to call an engineer as a valve that allows water into the machine’s softener could be blocked.

Gritty tableware – If your dishes feel gritty and are mottled with specks of food it may be a stacking issue – you may have overloaded the machine, stacked plates too close together or put items on top of one another. Think about how you load your dishwasher to allow maximum water circulation. You may also want to check the spray arms are not blocked – run water through them to see if any of the small holes are compromised by dirt and food debris. You can use a toothpick to clear them. Also give the filter a wash to ensure dirty water can drain away properly. Before you use the machine again use Finish® Dual Action ™ Dishwasher Cleaner to get rid of any grease and lime scale which can build up in your appliance. A clean dishwasher means clean dishes.

Stained cutlery – If acidic and salty food is left on cutlery too long it can cause marks and tarnishing so it’s always a good idea to use a pre-rinse programme if you’re not ready to put your dishwasher on a full cycle straight away. Also, you shouldn’t over-fill the cutlery basket. If cutlery touches each other – particularly if it is stainless steel and silver – it can cause tarnishing and pitting (the roughness you feel when you run your finger over it). Use Finish® Quantum Max ™ Fresh detergent, which gives you the brilliant clean and shine you expect, plus added protection against glass corrosion.

White spots on your glasses and dishes – Again this is due to hard water so check your appliance’s salt levels, top up the rinse aid and always use Quantum Max detergents which offer in-built protection against spots and marks while delivering a sparkling shine. Learn more about the difference between hard and soft water here

*Does not protect from mechanical damage or restore already damaged items.