What can you put in a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher Cleaner Benefits

Using a dishwasher is efficient for most households, and in the grand sense most Items are dishwasher-safe these days, but to be totally on top of things, take a look at our short guide to sparkling dishes. If you still have questions about specific kitchenware check with the manufacturer of the items you are washing or take a look at more Finish® dishwashing articles.

Most ordinary glass and ovenware is dishwasher safe.
Lead crystal hould be noted as something to hand-wash, unless it is specifically labeled as “dishwasher-safe”.

   Tip: Hand molded, painted or decorated glassware should not be placed in the dishwasher since you do not want to compromise the craftsmanship.

For the most part, everyday dishes are dishwasher-safe. Fine bone china usually has decoration embedded under the finish and will be fine to put in the load. If you have any doubt about your dishes check with the manufacturer.

   Tip: Antique or hand-painted china should be washed by hand as a safety precaution.

Silver and Stainless steel cutlery generally washed well in the dishwasher but here are some extra tips to make sure they stay bright and shiny:

        • When loading cutlery into the dishwasher avoid over packing your items – you want the water to cover as much area and rinse all surfaces.
        • Rinse of acidic foods like dressing, fruit or salt before loading as prolonged contact with these types of foods can tarnish your cutlery.
        • Avoid spilling dishwasher detergent directly onto the cutlery as this can cause corrosion.
        • If you use a high temperature wash, remove cutlery first at the end of the cycle to avoid it being left in a humid atmosphere (this can lead to corrosion).
        • Items made with wooden handles should not be put in the dishwasher.

Only plastic kitchenware that specifically states that they are dishwasher-safe should be washed in the dishwasher. Putting plastic   that does not belong in the dishwasher might not only ruin your kitchenware but could cause serious harm to your dishwasher itself.

Stainless steel pans are excellent for washing machines. Pans with wooden handles are best washed by hand.

   Tip: Rinse the pan out quickly to cool it down and remove any large pieces of food. This will help ensure that it is properly cleaned the     first time.