Children's Party Tips

Children’s parties are as much fun for the parents as they are for kids themselves. There are few things more rewarding than seeing your child and their friends having a great time, and knowing that you were able to provide that for them. This feeling can sometimes be overshadowed by the sheer volume of washing-up that these parties can create, but with the right tools for the job this shouldn’t be something you have to worry about.

Finish® Quantum Max Fresh has been specially formulated to tackle all of the problems inherent in catering for a larger group of children. Using the best dishwasher detergent means you can simply scrape off any excess food, and load up the dishwasher without pre rinsing. Finish’s pre-soakers eliminate the need to wait around for stubborn left-overs to be dislodged, and its detergents ensure that all dishes come out clean and sparkling the first time. This gives you more time to spend on what’s truly important, like guaranteeing that your little ones are having a great time. Here are some tips and ideas to get you off to a great start:


It’s a good idea to settle on a theme early on, whether it’s one decided with your child or a surprise for them on the day of. (It’s unlikely they’ll be subtle in dropping hints in what sort of party they want!) If this seems a bit daunting, one idea would be to combine themes. For example, if you are planning a party based around a certain cartoon rodent, combine that with a cowboy theme to make it less specific in what decorations, props and party favours you have to find. This also ensures that your child won’t end up having the same theme as someone else in his/her class.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorations; anything you can make in a few spare minutes at home will be just as effective, and add a unique touch to the party.


Make sure you have a number of games and activities planned for the party to provide it with some structure, and have lots more planned than you think you’ll need! It is also very useful to have a few calming activities in your repertoire that you can deploy when things begin to get a bit overexcited.

If you’re struggling to think of party games that kids can play, then go back to your theme and see if that provides some inspiration, as it is often just a case of putting a new spin on the classics. Hot potato and pin the tail on the donkey might seem a bit played out, but probably not to kids! These games achieved their classic status for a reason.


The key thing to remember with catering for a children’s party, is not to overdo it. It’s tempting to go overboard and stuff them full of food, but this can sometimes have the negative effect of distracting from the party itself. After all that’s why they came. A fun alternative is to provide the ingredients and let them have the fun of making their own meals. Foods that this works well with are tacos, sandwiches, and make-your-own pizzas. 

Hopefully this should be enough to get you started with planning your child’s next party. We hope that both you and your child have a wonderful time without the looming thought of washing up thanks to Finish®.