Hosting the Perfect Coffee Gathering

Coffee has become an anti-social affair. Too often coffee is something that is drunk on the go, grabbed on the way to work or in between meetings, perhaps with a misspelt name scrawled on the side of a paper cup. It’s time to take back coffee for what it should be: savoured, and enjoyed over great conversation. Why not host a coffee gathering one morning or afternoon, for you, your friends and family to relax and enjoy each other’s company with a nice big cup of coffee?

1. Invite everybody.

Seriously, everybody. Invite your best friends, your family, neighbours, people you haven’t seen in a decade. This is a great opportunity to not only strengthen old relationships, but build new ones.

2. Come up with a theme.

You don’t need to go crazy, this isn’t a children’s birthday party – although you could get inspired! Board Game Sunday or Debate Day Saturdays are examples of some great age-appropriate themes. If you’d rather go down the sensible route, a book group is a great way to encourage discussion that allows you to really connect with your friends over a fine cup of java.

3. Bake!

There are few things more satisfying and decadent than enjoying a homemade baked good at a friend’s house with a hot drink. You may be time crunched, or feel out of your league with the baking bowls, but there are lots of simple easy to follow recipes that’s make you look like a baking master. Whether you decide on muffins, a Bundt cake or even a simple coffee cake, your guests will enjoy the effort.

4. The Coffee

Want to impress your friends? Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world, and can go for up to $3,000 per kilo! What makes it so special is that it is gathered from the droppings of the civet cats who eat the coffee beans. You don’t have to go to these extremes to find some good quality coffee (in fact it’s probably best for everyone that you don’t), though it might be fun to get a few different varieties for people to try. Remember to pick up some decaf, just in case anyone has a caffeine intolerance.

5. Don’t Worry

What’s the point of hosting a gathering if you don’t take the time to enjoy the company of your guests? Relax, enjoy the conversation, and don’t stress over the clean-up. When everyone is gone, just load everything into the dishwasher with some Finish® Quantum Max dishwasher detergent and even the most imposing looking dried-on coffee stains will be a breeze. You’ll be armed with gleaming coffee cups for your next successful gathering!

Whatever your motivation for getting everyone together, sit back and enjoy the wonderful gathering that you have created. Take your time, eat, drink, laugh, and let Finish® Quantum dishwasher detergent take care of the clean-up.