When Is the Best Time to Run the Dishwasher?

What could be better than a machine that washes our dishes for us? Taking away the need to scrub using our own elbow grease, the dishwasher gives us shiny clean cutlery and sparkling plates at the touch of a button. But when is the best time to run it?

Determining the best time to run the dishwasher

When it comes to turning on your dishwasher, the best time to do this is late at night. There are many factors that play a part in this, including energy costs, usage and even noise. Here’s why night time is the right time:

Energy costs: Energy companies charge higher at peak times, so it saves to run your dishwasher when other people aren’t using their own. The most popular times for people to run their dishwasher are naturally around lunch and dinner after they have eaten, so hold off turning it on at that time. Instead, do it just before you go to bed, or, if you have a timer, set it to go off after midnight!

Energy usage: If you do set it off late at night, and therefore have time on your side, consider putting it on for a longer cycle too. Most modern-day dishwashers will have an eco-setting, which can save up to 20% of your energy usage by using less power to heat up the water and running through a slower cycle.

Noise: Many people may worry about the noise of running a dishwasher at night. However, it’s usually more of a distraction in the day when you’re doing things (and can cause you to waste more energy by turning the TV up!) At night, the humdrum of the dishwasher is just a small disruption, but it varies from person to person whether it is significant enough to disturb your sleep.

Dishwasher vs handwashing

This is a much talked about topic, particularly when it comes to the cost of dishwasher vs handwashing.

In terms of energy/water consumption, it is hard to have a definitive answer – especially because people have different washing habits depending on their home. However, on average, running a dishwasher 1/3 full saves more water than handwashing.

To save even more on energy, use our Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Aid Original or Finish Quantum Jet-Dry, rather than rinsing your plates pre-wash, and put your dishwasher on an eco-wash.

Stacking to save on your dishwasher running costs

One way to save on your dishwasher running costs besides using it at night, is to make sure that you’re stacking it correctly:

  • All cutlery upwards (apart from knives which should always go downwards)
  • Keep all utensils laid out flat on the top rack
  • Bowls, cups, glasses should go downwards on top rack
  • Dirty pots, pans etc on the bottom with some space in between

There are many ways to make sure you are using your dishwasher efficiently and cost-effectively, and knowing the best time to run it is essential. Use our handy tips alongside some of Finish’s finest products from our powerful detergents to rinse agents, and start saving on your energy usage today.